Saturday, 19 May 2012

Missing in action -.-

So Ive finally finished my degree! Its been possibly the heaviest week of my life, an essay in monday, an essay in tuesday and an exam wednesday, all less than 3 weeks after my 11,000 word dissertation :/ couldnt be happier its all over to be honest!
So I went out to celebrate... it started off well but unfortunately was a horrible night. I have awful luck
But here I am with some of my lovely friends!
this was my approach, sadly it didnt work and was a very, very stressful evening
Anyway the next day I saw my boyfriend, I wore some casual lolita finally!!! 
Nothing special I was and still am horribly exhausted
Details, my fluffy 2 way clip and macaron are from sassynpunk boutique!
The highlight of my week was being offered my first paid photoshoot! Im so excited that anyone thinks my modelling is worth paying for ^^ Come and like my page here for more updates!
Finally wanted to show you a picture of some of my wands I found when I was clearing out ^^
Finally, a reminder on my giveaway! Go here to enter!


  1. Wow, your friends look like they could be your sisters @_@

    And congratulations on finishing ^^

  2. wow, that sound exhausting indeed :S I'm having just one exam this year and that is in mathematics (the easy kind :P) so I'm pretty happy about that :D By the way... I'm not trying to be inappropriate but how old are you? you are so wonderful, and I'm just wondering :D

    1. oh not at all! im 21 ^.^ good luck with your exam, im sure youll be great!

  3. Sorry to hear it's been so rough. But you got through it! Congrats! ♥ And more congrats on your shoot! It's so funny, I saw the photo earlier today (before reading your blog updates) with your bunny and I didn't recognize you xD You're so freaking adorable!

    Love all of the accessories! Where did you get that Rainbow necklace O.O It's sooooooo cute! And such cute wands~

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. thankyou so much for being so kind <333 my necklace is from cute can kill! they make the best jewellery ^^

  4. yaay these sailor moon wands!!!and ur outfit is wonderful ^^

  5. Congratulations! I'm envious! :D Now you don't have to put up with school anymore! But on a serious note, that sounded rough (it's not easy having two essays and a test in a row) and I am happy for you and your latest accomplishment. I love your casual Lolita outfit!