Friday, 6 July 2012

Castles, peacocks and cute toys!

I recently went on a family day out and took some photos to show you guys ^^
Sorry theyre not the best quality, theyre from my phone!
The castle from the outside:
And now the interior shots I got! Sorry some of these are instagrammed and some arent >.<
There were lots of amazing peacocks wandering around outside, theyre one of my favourite animals so I took lots of these!
I also wanted to show you some cute pictures I took at an arcade this weekend!
They had these two amazing machines me and my boyfriend were interested in:
I loved the kitty one, because it also had a few My Melody toys in there too! You barely ever see other Sanrio toys in the UK so I was super excited and my boyfriend tried lots of times to get one for me but the claw kept dropping her whenever it managed to pick one up!
but my boyfriend is lovely and went and asked someone and got one for me anyway 
Finally I wanted to show you my new JSK! I have the pink one on its way to me now, I already got the bag last summer :)
Have you got any new purchases on their way to you?


  1. That castle sounds (and looks) like something that came out of a fairy tale storybook. The atmosphere, the decor, even the peacocks! Your boyfriend was really sweet to try and win you a My Melody plush and it looks so adorable! Love the JSK! <3

    Not any new purchases as of the moment, but I had a few recently in the past month.

  2. so wonderful castle,love also this jsk ^^

  3. OMG I love peacocks!

    Hm my only purchases coming are some bralets (which I suspect will be too big) and a couple Biffy Clyro records ^_^' I was supposed to be finally re-buying the lilac seifuku from Bodyline but it's blooming sold out now! Grr.

  4. I just found your blog, and I love it! The photos are fantastic. :)