Monday, 16 July 2012

Wants, gets and outfits!

Hey guys! A couple of things to blog about today ^^
Recent outfits!

A hime inspired coord for a jfashion meet

Casual daily outfit :) I dont usually post these here..

and my new jsk! Ive got some proper outfit shots and some close ups :)


I love this jsk, its so short though! So I might turn it into a halter neck :)

I might also take the lace of the straps and the two bits on the bodice, its just not as nice as the chiffon  they used elsewhere

and the print!

I also wanted to show you some pics I saw on the angelic pretty site! Does anyone have any information on it? Im in love!

Finally I wanted to show you the epic pudding my boyfriend made for us last week!

Melted chocolate 

on a balloon!

Let it set and filled it with sweeties!

Thats all for now, Ill post when I can as Im super busy this week! 5 photoshoots ^^


  1. Puddiiiiing!

    I remember reading about that AP print, I think it was a collab with Imai Kira but I don't know any more than that.

  2. Wow ok, that pudding looks amazing!
    I'm gonna have to come over one of those, lol!

    Hnnngghh, new JSK is lovely!
    Personally I'd take the lace off too, I totally see your point!
    What are you wearing underneath it in the outfit photos?

    Your make-up is so cool too!
    Can you teach me a bit of make-up?
    I can only do one look, LOL.

    1. haha yeah sure! a few people from around here want to do a makeup day :D

  3. aww so cute outfits,I have seen them on lookbook,also love this new ap print with kitties ^^

  4. Oh wow I wish I'd thought of the chocolate balloon bowl!
    The AP print is a collaboration with Imai Kira, and it looks to be the same cat as on Vanilla Chan :)

    1. i think the cat looks a lot eviler in this than vanilla chan which i dont really like haha

  5. first off. DAMN, you're gorgeous!://O and second, you're BOTH so cute together!x//3'

    and i adore that kitty-tea party dress from angelic pretty. so cute x3'

  6. You pulled the hime hairstyle off very well in your hime inspired coordinate. Really liking the hair accessories that you are wearing with it.

    Now that I had seen the JSK, it looks very cute on you! :D I did notice that it was a bit on the short side, so is that an underskirt that you are wearing beneath it? Can't wait to see the results of the alterations of the JSK.

    I think that the cat print is gorgeous, but unfortunately I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to prints in general so can't help you there. Very sorry. :(