Monday, 23 July 2012

First lolita shoot of the week!

I had two this week so heres the first! I tried something loosely inspired by ero lolita, but it was really hard to look for inspiration as nearly every ero lolita coord I saw seemed... not very lolita :p
So here it is!

My friend Tamasyn also modelled and decided she wanted to try a change so I lent her some sweet lolita!
I think she did really well! You can find her facebook page here! 

This is her usual style:

The place we shot was beautiful!


  1. you and your friend look fabulous!!! :3

  2. Thanks for the follow, Sweetheart! Happy to return the favor! Your page is SO fun! =) Looking forward to seeing more of it! Thanks again! Have a beautiful week! XO

  3. Beautiful as always!
    I've nominated you to win an award, please look at my blog ^-^!

  4. Great job on pulling off a "Ero Lolita" inspired outfit and still managing to make it look Lolita in some shape or form. It looks elegant and pretty! *thumbs up*

    Your friend also did an awesome job pulling off the Sweet Lolita coordinate. Seems like both of you are willing to try something new! xD

  5. You gals are gorgeous! ♥ As I said, beautiful dolls~ :)

    ~ Kieli ~

  6. Oh, amazing! I love your outfits! *__*