Tuesday, 10 July 2012

SassynPunk Review!

Hello! Today Im going to show you some of the beautiful things the lovely Leyla of SassynPunk sent me this month!
This was me when I got my box! 
Nicely packed up with polystyrene pieces ^.^
I got a super cute little hand written note! Even better it was on the sweetest little Jewelpets card!
Moar derpy gif!
aaaaaaaall the cute stuffs :D

I love my Cinamaroll purse so much! So handy for nights out and little bags!

Inside and out: look at all the different amazing fabrics used!

Another amazing Cinamaroll product! 

Sadly I cant put charms on my phone D: but going to put it on bags and zips instead ^.^

I also got two lovely rings! I adore the actual ring parts that Leyla uses, I love cute unusual details!

....and worn :)

I adore my new sundae necklace! Ive wanted one for so long!

I love all these cute accessories so much! Find some for youself over at SassynPunk Boutique!
Ill be reviewing a very cute lip product too soon!


  1. Ha! That was awesome! Going to spam post around the web soon.

  2. Very cute! I love your headbow, too! XD

  3. Lovely haul. You look like a princess in this post, what with the pink frilly JSK and bow and just about everything! :D My favourite accessory has to be the sundae necklace.

  4. Uwaaa everything is just so cute!!!@_@ I love cinnamaroll too ^^
    You have some awesome purchases :)

  5. awww this necklase is amazing !!! <3 and cinnammoroll purse too