Sunday, 20 November 2011

Lolita Photoshoot

I had a shoot with my friend Emma a while back for her art project so I thought Id show you a few of the pictures! Shes very talented :)
This is my favourite
not sure what Im doing here!
deco carousel love!

Anyway yesterday I had another photoshoot! Busy busy bexy, and then in the evening we had a lolita drinking session! It was so much fun, we went to a couple of pubs and then everyone came back to mine for more drinking, dancing like idiots, pon pon-ing and so on :) It was a really lovely evening and I feel hugely lucky to be in a community where I can be myself without having to pretend Im something Im not. A cheeky group picture from Jessies camera
and one of us together
thats pretty much it for now! Hope youre all having a lovely november


  1. Milky Planet looks really cute on you!

  2. Looking lovely as usual! :) Hurrah for deco carousels!

  3. Cute photos! Your hair is awesome!
    I have a question, though. Is the Milky Planet you are wearing an Oo Jia replica? I was looking at the lace and it looks similar to what she uses.
    (If so, I was just wondering what you thought of it in your experience wearing it.)
    If I'm mistaken, I apologize for any trouble.
    Thank you! ^-^~

  4. no its the DOL one im afraid! i posted a replica here if youre interested!

  5. Awesome!! Thank you for sharing~!! (: