Saturday, 12 November 2011

Informal Bath meet!

Im so late in posting this, we're having another in a week! But here are a few pictures anyway, we didnt take too many because it was very informal, went for a wander around the shops, all you can eat chinese for lunch and then a drink or two at the pub :)
Here was my outfit for the day, I tried to add in some classic elements this time
Its outside of my favourite pub, you can see the sign over my head :p
Here is my makeup also Im wearing my new hair falls :D
Accessory shot
Sophie and Abbey in their gorgeous outfits
and messing around with crinkly chins :D
I have a new lolita photoshoot to show soon!
Hope youre all having a lovely weekend


  1. Everyone's outfits were so cute! I love your combination of OTT Sweet and Classic - very creative. >w< Can't wait to see more from you~

  2. That makeup photo is absolutely stunning! <3

    I like the sound of that meetup-- really chilled out and relaxed I'm sure :)