Sunday, 13 November 2011

My New Bunnies!

Last week we got two new lovely bunnies! I absolutely adore them, the grey and white one is my little brothers (called Mad Hatter or ocassionally Thumper!)
My rabbit is called Pocketwatch.. casual Alice in wonderland reference!
And onto the pictures! I got a little carried away with princess cam app...
Heres pocketwatch
Mad hatter
Arent they gorgeous!
oh just found this one awh!


  1. Oh those are so adorable! *0*

  2. They are adorable! You made me want to have bunny too :P Won't be able to have a dog for long time so I have to think about other small animal...

  3. So cute! I totally want a rabbit when I get my own place, since I'm allergic to cats xP

  4. hehe i adore them! i just want to snuggle them forever!

  5. I think I just shattered my bedroom window cos I squealed so loud :< They are sooo cute, I really wish I had little furry animals running around in my house ;_; Keep them away from your loli clothes though, I've heard lots of horror stories about bunnies chewing up your frills! ;)

  6. Very cute! The last picture did it for me. xD TOO CUTE! I like how each of the bunnies have a name that's related to Alice in Wonderland.