Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Part 2 of photoshoot and valentine!

I realised I forgot to post the second part of my End of the World group shoot! I love the lighting on these pictures, and having worked with this photographer before I was quite relaxed!
If you like these pictures and fancy liking my brand new (yesterday!) modelling page on facebook it is here

and here are some pictures from the shoot, though Ive done 2 more since and have another in 2 weeks!!
all the girls
with chili
what do you think?
I had another nice surprise this week, another valentine!! I know who this one is from though ;)
so sweet!
I havent posted much recently because I have so much work currently, and Ive also been very busy with my ballet lessons and a new pet! Ill show you him soon ^^


  1. such beautiful photos! Love them ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  2. Nice photos! As they always (or not always) said on TV, "fierce"!

  3. I forgot to type this out on my last comment, but congratulations on the valentine! :) It is always nice to get valentines!

  4. thankyou so much lovelies! i have another shoot in 6 days, i hope you enjoy it as much!