Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Halloween Week ✰

Hello! Sorry Ive been away for a while again, Ive been so busy! but I have lots to show you now, and then some other posts on a meet and a photoshoot.
But todays is about my halloween week!
It started off with a night out on wednesday before hallowen but sadly it wasnt a very good night out :( we looked amazing though! heres Hati in her amazing halloween jsk she made! I went as a sort of zombie pin up
skeleton tights! sadly you cant see my cute shoes
we had spent the day before with two of my best friends shopping and carving pumpkins! here they all are, my ones the owl on a branch ^^
my next halloween event was work where we had to dress up! I kept it simple because anything too big or uncomfortable when working on a bar wouldnt go down well!
my cat outfit
and my new hairdye! finally getting the colour I want
in the middle of all the halloween craziness we had my sisters engagement party! Im so happy for her and she looked so stunning!
my final halloween event was on sunday, I painted my little brothers face and we went to a close family friends for more pumpkin carving! I went as a vampiress (my outfits slowly got more boring >.<)
My eyes look evil! we did more pumpkin carving and then had fondue! heres my pumpkin
the fondue was amazing, though i stuck to the bread and cheese and the meat eaters had steak :p sooo good!

finally here are my halloween nails!
well done if you made it this far!
oh just one more..
double rainbow!


  1. OMG! the first picture scared the crap out of me :S nice costumes tho :D

  2. Your make up in the first picture is amazing! I'm in love with your hair, I miss my half tone fringe a lot now :<

  3. Well it sounded like you had a fun time (who wouldn't?). xD I like your pumpkins. So adorable.

  4. like ur nails,make up and outfits ^^
    btw,are u twins???? u and ur sister are sooooo similar to each other

  5. thank you for the comments ladies!

    and no were not twins, were 3 years apart ^^ but everyone thinks so!