Thursday, 3 March 2011

My First Things I ♡ Thursday!

Hopefully I'll be able to do these a little more often! I'm going to stick to three things I love for now.

1.) Sailor items from Angelic Pretty!
I just love the Marine Story jumpers and tops, and the dress! So cute, makes me feel summery. I just love anything nautical!
So in love with this coord!
2.)Eyeko cream!
My next love is for a product, Ive been using Eyeko's cream for years, a light layer on cheekbones under foundation makes the skin glow beautifully! I tried drinking tonnes of water, eating healthier and so on but my skin never seemed quite radiant, so if you havent got it, fake it!
I also use it as a primer under my eyeshadows and it really does hold everything in place perfectly and give just the right amount of highlight!
See that glow under my eyes and across my cheeks? Thats not the glow of vitamin water and early nights!
3.) Tumblr!
My third love of the week is tumblr! Since making my account about a week ago Im now seriously addicted! I wish it didnt break so often but Ive already found so many interesting and inspiring blogs!
You can find mine here!

Hope all of your weeks are lovely so far, the weekend soon!

1 comment:

  1. gosh!! those marine-ish sweathers are terrific! they look so cute, i love them x3

    You look pretty good on your old posts, your hair is beautiful n_n

    kisses <3