Thursday, 17 March 2011

Things I ♡ Thursday!

Hello! As promised, Im back with things I love thursday!
Im going to start off with...
Deco nails!
I adore deco nails and i always see them pop on tumblr! I dont think i could ever wear the really long ones, not just generally but when it comes to taking contacts out its a bit frightening!
I did but on a more reasonable length of nails for my photoshoot on saturday however, here were my results!
The wristcuffs were handmade by me, which leads me on to my next like..
Last weekend I finally had time to sit down and do some sewing after ages of having a half finished skirt hanging around. I havent taken any pictures of the skirt yet as I want to embroider or accessorise it a little better before it makes its debut! I also made this headbow from the detachable waist ties of a bodyline skirt!
Linking back to my first like once again.. Wristcuffs!
I never used to be that fussed about wristcuffs but all of a sudden i just think they can add so much to an outfit!
My favourites are the Wonder Cookie wristcuffs by AP in any colour way:
(picture found on egl sales comm, lost the link sorry!)
Pictures like this just make me squee! Oh accessories, we owe you so much!
My final like this week is brooches!
I used to spend more time on accessories such as earrings or necklaces, but recently Ive really been favouring brooches! Here are a few from my collection.
The one on the left is my favourite! And the one on the right is very special to me, it was my 18th birthday present from my Nana and its an original cameo, I dont really like the current reproductions of cameos that seem to be available everywhere, they just seem cheap to me.
Thats all! I hope you enjoyed my post and are having a beautiful thursday!

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