Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Things at the moment..

Hello lovely readers
I hope that you are all well and are all having a lovely month, half way through March already! Isnt that strange!
Im definitely going to be posting a Things I Thursday tomorrow, but i thought Id write another post now just because I havent in so very long!
Uni work is so difficult at the moment, but Im keeping up (just!) It also doesnt help that Ive now decided to walk back home everyday to get some exercise.. so time consuming! I also want to get a job.. it never rains it pours as my mother always says!
I did find time at the weekend to do some sewing however, I made the cutest wristcuffs (pictures soon!), a lovely headbow out of the detachable waist ties from a bodyline dress, and my first skirt. Im not entirely happy with the skirt but I think after ive accessorised it a little Ill be fine, I also want to do a little embroidery on it if ever I get the time!
I also did a little drawing yesterday for the first time in ages! Its me in anime/cartoon form!
I love having a split colour fringe, I think if it wasnt for that then Id probably want to dye my hair as blonde as my wig! I miss being blonde sometimes.
I will stop my rambling here and post tomorrow!

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