Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Forest Lolita Meetup!

Last saturday I went to the New Forest to meet up with a group of lolitas from around my area, it was amazing and as it was my first one Im so excited to go to more!
We had lunch and tea in an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room, took lots of pictures and went to a very, very yummy sweetie shop!
I would definitely love to meet them again! And when its warmer!
Aaaaaaand picture bomb :D
One of the girls had a proper camera but until then here are mine!
This is from our impromptu photoshoot:
A picture with my lovely boyfriend, I think Id have been a lot more shy without him being there, I feel ridiculously lucky
Me outside of the amazing sweetie shop!
A partial group picture:
And all of the girls, dont they all look beautiful!
And a final close up of my makeup! Excuse my face, I was all posed out but i wanted to show the little red stars i had around my eyes
Happy March! I hope you all have a lovely month!
Until next time,

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