Thursday, 31 March 2011

Things I Love Thursday With a Twist!

Hello! Sorry I havent blogged much recently, Ive had no time/been in completely the wrong mood, but hey! Here I am, and there should be more frequent posts in the upcoming weeks including from the two photoshoots I recently had for Apocalypse Girls!
Anyway the reason this weeks things I love is slightly different is because I have one main love to focus on ^.^
So my main love this week has been anything even mildly gothic. I was like alot of people, very into goth fashion in my early teens and though its not always apparent certain parts of it have really stuck with me. I definitely havent lost everything from those days! I still wear my new rocks frequently and regard my corsets in very high esteem, though music was probably what had the most impact on me.
Sadly I dont really have any pictures of me from those days, I only really started taking photos in my cyber phase! But here are some beautiful photos which have inspired me this week, Ive tried to credit the sources but in some cases Ive lost them, none of these pictures are mine!

Firstly, Im really loving anything that looks old or antique, a blog I love if youre interested in anything concerning decor is: oh my god I could spend so many hours on their blog.
The next thing that has caught my eye is makeup. These two pictures in particular make me want to know the secrets!
I draw over my eyebrows but i could never achieve quite this perfection.
(This picture is of the lovely owner of lots more beautiful pictures of her on her blog!)
My next makeup inspiration:
My inspiration in the form of a clothing item is the beautiful divine cross by MMM. Maybe one day Ill own something so elegant!
My final inspiration is a model ive loved for a long time, Razor Candi. Ive followed her work for several years and am just so intrigued by her versatility, both in clothing and hair and makeup she continually manages to shock me (in an amazing way!)
You can find her official website here:
and here are a few of my favourite photos of her.
Note the tiny corseted waist!!
And finally, this one reminds me a little of ero lolita
Ill leave it here! Thankyou so much for reading <3

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