Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Outfits and Updates! ✰

Hello lovely people who read my blog!
Im going to attempt to post more as Im currently on around one post a week and Id like to be more active! Though sometimes this is impossible with uni work, Ill endeavour to do it, and atleast I hope to continue things I love thursdays!
And on to the ridiculous amount of pictures! Because it just wouldnt be a blog post from Bexy without them would it!
I shall begin with todays outfit!
It was fairly sunny today and out of the shade and wind the sun is finally beginning to warm slightly! So i layered instead of wearing the same coats over and over (though I do adore my lolita coat!) and i also tried to add a small pinch of fairy kei to brighten my day! Now Im by no means an expert of fairy kei, more like a humble admirer, but I attempted to add elements of it with my accessories, nails, trainers (I just adore pastry trainers!) and my bag. This was the overall effect:
Please excuse my tired eyes, my insomnia is back in full swing sadly! And a detail shot:
I just adore all the detail in these trainers so so much! And they come in super cute boxes, i think theyre the closest to available fairy kei footwear in the UK! Just look at these, patterned with hearts and butterflies, the cutest trainers ever!
I will stop with the shoe love and move on to another outfit! This was an outfit I had for a friends house party, and it was formed through my lolita influences (tights, shoes, petticoat) and my housemates vintage love! (the blouse which we teamed with my headscarf from the markets in Amsterdam and my Anne Boleyn necklace)
Detail shot, I adore this bracelet!
My fringe is so ridiculously long!
And one last thing, i learnt how to do a Lady Gaga bow with my own hair! (note: I hate Lady Gaga, like really really do not like)
Hehe I love my Minnie Mouse dress.
I hope you enjoyed my picture overload! Hope your weeks have started positively,


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    There's that link you asked for on Tumblr. :)

  2. the second outfit looks super cute on you!

  3. thankyou very much! i got lots of compliments from drunk people at the party aha ^^

  4. Your tights in the second photo look so cute! ♥

  5. thankyou very much! i have them in black too hehe ^^