Sunday, 28 August 2011

Blog Award!

The Lovely Wanda from Lavenrose ( gave me a blog award!
Please check out her blog, its one of my absolute favourites, I always feel inspired after seeing her gorgeous deco posts! I have such a love for hime gyaru Q.Q

So here we go!
Rules for the award are!
1.) Write seven random facts about yourself.
2.) Nominate 15 lovely bloggers.
3.) Link back to the person that gave the award.

Seven random facts:
1.) I get really shy for the first 5 minutes of meeting people.. Then I turn into my usual silly, loud self :D
2.) I have a four year old brother ^^ and he is so so cute! (but loud >.>)
3.) I love museums and art galleries
4.) I feel weird when my nails arent painted because Im so used to having nail polish or falsies on all the time!
5.) I get over excited when Im waiting for packages, I want things to arrive as soon as Ive ordered them!
6.) Im still searching for the perfect lilac hair dye D:
7.) Raspberry sourz and lemonade is my favourite alcoholic drink currently.

Yay! And now for my 15 lovely bloggers!
Youre such a sweetie, I love reading your comments! <3
I know that youre lovely from real life :D Very lucky to have another lolita at my university!
So gorgeous! I love how varied your blog posts are! :D
Please post more, I just adore your blog and you have such a stunning look!
Yay for UK lolitas!
Your outfit posts make me so damn jealous Q.Q
Such a sweetie, I hope I get to meet you at a UK meet one day ^^
I loved the train journey we got to sit and talk about deco and clothes and the beautiful dress you made!
Please post more, I just adore your posts!
One of my first lolita inspirations! I still adore your outfit posts!
Your creations are so so stunning! I couldnt be more jealous of your skills!
I love how often and lovely your posts are <3
Youre such a cutie! I just want to keep you!
I wish there were more UK Gyaru! Id love to give it more of a go <3
You inspire so many people! you should be so proud of yourself :)

Thats it! I hope you check out the lovely blogs I chose!
Have a nice day ~


  1. Congratulations on winning the award! ^^ You deserve it!

  2. Aww thanks doll,you're so sweet!! :D