Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Winter & Day 18!

Hello sweeties! I was away this weekend at a music festival of only 80s bands, it was so much fun! Ill post pictures soon ^^
But back to the challenge..
Day 18 – A picture of your favorite lolita style.
This is so difficult for me currently because I love so many different styles but am wearing sweet lolita which originally caught my eye a lot less and moving more towards gothic styles.
I think its because of the transition that I love things with gothic and sweet influences such as Angelic Pretty's Puppet Circus.
(from hellolace)
(found via google)

And I also wanted to write today about winter! I know its only august but Im genuinely excited for winter this year and I cant wait to get my beautiful coat out again and start layering up! Im also looking for tutorials on cute winter items, I definitely want to stock up on bloomers and maybe sew myself a capelet so if anyone knows of any good tutorials please let me know<3
Im also excited because there will be lots of meet ups! My friend Hati and I are already organising one for early october and have already got plans for a christmas meet in the works! So exciting!
If you need some winter inspiration there are some beautiful ideas at Yoshh's blog here:

And finally heres a picture I took last year in the snow^^


  1. beautiful pictures and I love the dresses! :O I hate winter.... but that is may be because we have a loooooong cold winter here in Norway :)

  2. Gothic influences aside, I like that dress. It is cute and looks more classical to me rather than sweet, but that could be just me. After going through what seems to be a continuous heat wave, winter sounds good to me about now. xD Though I am pretty sure that once winter actually arrives, I might take back those words.