Thursday, 11 August 2011

Yesterdays photoshoot..

So yesterday I went on a group Apocalypse Girls shoot, with an apocalypse theme! It was super exciting because we had most of the shoot in an abandoned mental hospital!
It was super scary, and we *may* have had to jump a fence to get in!! Luckily we had no issues of security seeing us, so we managed to be there nearly 4 hours with no trouble.
I ont get my personal shoot photos through for a while because they need to be processed through the site, but here are some from my personal camera I took with me :)

After jumping the gate we had to walk a little path through forest land, and we came across this broken wheelchair (a bit creepy!)

Just inside the second building we entered (although a lot has been knocked down, there were still loads of buildings left)

Second floor of Woodside

Woodside from outside

Myself and two of the girls inside

A bathroom in another building

I dont want to post too many pictures so Ill leave it here, what a day though! It was definitely scary that patients had been here only 5 years prior.


  1. I'm sorry but the pictures kinda freaked me out xD this place would be perfect for a horror movie:S:P

  2. thats the point dear, its meant to look like the end of the world!

  3. Wow! That's amazing! Even more amazing that you and everyone else had the guts to do this. xD I wouldn't be daring enough to go in there if I have the chance. Creepiness aside, perfect place for an apocalypse photoshoot. :)

  4. Oh god, that place looks creepy D=

  5. That must have been so amazing to do! ^^