Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bristol Zoo Lolita Meet

Ive been meaning to write about this for a while but Ive been busy and lazy in equal measures :p This post will be super picture heavy!!
It was a really lovely day, and I met some truly lovely people, I hope I get to meet all of them again before too long!
Unfortunately I had to leave the meet slightly early due to trains and having to work in the evening :( boooo! But while I was there I had an amazing time!
I got the train through to Bath where Hati Whitney and Ziggi got on for the last few minutes to Bristol. They were all super nice!
Whitney and Hati in a boat :)
We wandered for a little while before we had the shared picnic, my favourite thing before the picnic was the meercats, so cute!
And thennnn picnic time :D I didnt manage to get everyone in D:
My tasty things :D Hati made amazing chocolate strawberries and sandwiches which were very nice after so much sweet things! and Whitneys coffin cake in the background!
My favourite animal after lunch, look how his tails like a scarf XD
Group end shot ^^
Affter this I had to leave D: though I did later meet one of the lovely lolis Monika on my train! Shes so sweet and gave me lots of deco tips, she makes some absolutely beautiful things!
Anyway, I got bored and did some cam whoring at the train station :)
and a full outfit shot :)
These next pictures were not taken by me, they were taken by Hayley and Darren.
I didnt realise these pictures were being taken so Im herp derping a little :p
a lovely group shot
I love accessory shots ^^
sorry for the picture spam and thanks for making it this far!


  1. Looked like such a fun day!

    Are you going to the Oxford lolita meet? I'm probably going, but more likely to go if someone I know is going haha.

  2. What a sweet picnic (pun intended). xD

    That must've been a great time.

  3. Great pictures! It seem like allot of fun :D

  4. I love your ring! Its so cute :)
    Meercats are funny animals! :D