Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Outfit & New Bloomers

Hello lovelies!
I had a photoshoot yesterday that Ill hopefully be able to show you soon ^^ for now I have an outfit and some new bloomers I sewed to show you!

This outfit was just thrown together for shopping with my mum, I kind of wanted something casual but gyaru inspired, though I didnt have enough time to do my hair or makeup as Id have liked :(
the dress has cute pompoms which hang down that you can see in this shot ^^ ignore my shitty makeup, I need some new lower lashes

I also sewed some bloomers, it was my first try sewing them and I used a lovely tutorial you can find here: http://abc-lolita.blogspot.com/2010/11/sparkle-stitches-bloomers-lvl2.html
and here they are! Sorry for the bad quality pictures Q.Q

I think theyre okay for a first try ^^


  1. i love your first outfit!! :D even though you say it was just thrown together, haha.

  2. your outfit is so cute! and I wish I could make my bloomers as cute as yours:P

  3. Nice outfit! Your bloomers are awesome for a first try! It is definitely better than what I can pull off at the moment (which is barely anything) ^^;. I know that this is a bit off-topic, but I like your rainbow necklace. It's cute! <3

  4. Wonderful outfits, I love your bloomers!