Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day 10 – What’s in Your Bag?

Ooops Ive been very bad in keeping up with this! Ive been so busy helping with petitions to help get the bees that killed our beautiful Sara removed that Ive neglected this a bit. Ill do it as much as I can! (See last blog post for more information on sara and please sign the petition here:

On to todays challenge!
My bag and contents:
1.) My HK headphones. I prefer big headphones because I find small ones fall out due to my tragus piercing. The sound quality is also so, so much better through these!

2.) Jagermeister lanyard. This is usually at the bottom of my bag because I need it when Im at work (I work on a bar)

3.) My Pauls Boutique purse <333 I have the matching bag too! I must make a sailor lolita outfit and use it in my coord soon.

4.) My favourite spray in the world! Its all vanilla and yummy ^^

5.) Vaseline and Lip Smackers pinky liquid lip gloss. I usually have atleast two lipglosses in the bottom of my bag ^^

6.) Hello Kitty lighter. I smoke, I know so not rori right? Idc

7.) Gum, I have paranoia about my teeth so i always chew gum after meals if I cant brush them

8.) Book, I nearly always have one with me!

Hope you enjoyed my bag!
Im also going to show you a picture of me and my mum, who borrowed one of my skirts because her friends hen night was a trip to see Grease the musical and go out dressed up!
okay thats all for today bye princesses


  1. HA HA lovely picture of you and your mom! :D I'm looking forward for your Sailor coord, I want to make one too, but I need a navy blue dress! :)

  2. So jelly of your headphones! I always wanted some cute ones like that but I'm not sure I'd use them as I love my marshmallows xP

    Also your mum is so cool!

  3. I love that you dressed up with your Mum! That picture is so sweet <3