Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Yayayay :D

My laptop was delivered today, they fixed it so quickly! Ive lost everything, but thankfully its not term time so its only annoying because Ill have to redo my itunes really, at least I havent lost anything of great importance.
This also means I can go back to lots of pictures without the weird formatting issues!
Today Im going to show you my outfit and makeup from yesterday!
I tried something a little more gothic. What do you think?
I liked wearing a corset with lolita.
I tried to make my eyeliner a little more gyaru inspired, so my eyes look nice and big even though its not quite obvious its supposed to be gyaru!
I used the purple and gold shadow to try and give it a more decadent feel, as well as lower and top false lashes.
And a couple more outfit shots ^^
Hope you liked them!


  1. Adore the lashes!!!
    The outfit is so pretty as well!!
    hmm, didnt like the stockings that much.
    <3 your shoes and your necklace <3 sooo pretty!

  2. So pretty! I've always wanted to try a corset with lolita too but I can't figure out any coords!...mainly coz my corset is too long for my short body, grr.

    What do you mean by Reading not being safe? I was planning to go with some randomers but I'm now guessing that's not such a good idea...

  3. your outfit was so lovely! so classy but funny :D

  4. Nice coordinate. Love the eyes!

  5. Lovely coordinate! and the make up *_* perfect lips and eyes!