Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 11 – One Day in Your Lolita Life in Pictures.

Hello sweeties, Ive been so bad at keeping up this challenge Q.Q but here we go.
This is me in the morning, no makeup (hence careful hand censoring) and a snuggly dressing gown!
I had breakfast, put on a little makeup, got dressed and started on my hair..
Bellatrix Lestrange eat your heart out! The finished hair :
Much better ^^ and a little camwhoring to show you my outfit while I waited for my boyfriend to arrive
Quite casual, a light petticoat, plain black over the knees, polo neck and Doc Martens because we were going to the cinema!
I brought tickets for my mum and my boyfriend because I wanted to see Harry Potter with both of them but was working opening night :( so saturday we went to see it.
me and my mum messing about ^^
The film was so, so amazing <3 Im so gutted its all over though!
We had more popcorn when we got home because some woman knocked mine over Q.Q
Not ordinary popcorn though, it has white chocolate and strawberry pieces and is just amazing
Me and my boyfriend then had a few chill out hours watching Dexter and we ordered Dominos pizza for tea ^^
And then I had to get ready for work :/ I work in a club and it was beach themed so I put my shades in my hair and a jagermeister lei around my arm
And thats it!


  1. I wish I could do my hair as well as you do yours O_O

    Such a cute outfit too! I'm going to see Harry Potter later and wanted to dress up but can't wear lolita and I've only got green things...but I wouldn't want to be Slytherin =/ lol (may be overthinking this a little...)

  2. your hair is so cute! :D I watched HP and the deathly hallows part 2 on Saturday too :D What did you think of it? :D

  3. I saw Harry Potter on Friday-- nearly bawled my eyes out but just about managed to keep it together XD
    Your hairstyle is super cute! :3

  4. That's about the neatest hair buns I have ever seen. O_O

  5. i loved the film! i actually saw it on saturday and then again in 3d on sunday ^^
    i love my bear ear buns!