Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Music Post!

Hey lovelies! So because I didnt do day 8 of the lolita challenge properly Im going to do a music post about some of my favourite bands! This is also dedicated to the lovely Churi Chan ( who is absolutely adorable and you should all check her out, shes such a sweetie!

I guess my this is gonna be sort of a list of my favourite music ^^ it'll be alphabetical (Im gonna go through my ipod ^^)
I wont put videos for all but Ill put a few through! I have a vast music taste so I wont be able to cover all but Ill give it a go!

1.) Alexisonfire
Ive loved Alexisonfire since their first self titled album, but if youre gonna start listening to them Id go for the Crisis album ^^ they also remind me of when I first met my boyfriend 7 years ago <3
I cried a bit when I heard them play this perfectly live!

2.) The Bled
The Bled were one of my transitional bands into heavier music, I still absolutely adore them and could listen through the Found in the Flood album over and over! I also adore their lyrics: "Cast as the role of a lover, and I feel slightly misplaced in a world thats fuck or be fucked" beautiful.

3.) Combichrist
Take me back to my cyber days! I love it when I hear them played in a club, I cant not dance!

4.) Cradle of Filth
Because they were the first metal band I ever really loved when I was about 13? I still have a crush on Dani Filth >.<

5.) Deftones
Their music s amazing when Im drawing, it just makes me go into a strange drifty mood! My Own Summer <3

6.) Dir en Grey
The only Jrock band I really adore. I saw them last year and it was just insane! the sounds that were coming out of Kyo were not even human! I love that he was stood on a crate, hes super tiny!!

7.) The Distillers
Brody Dalle. Enough said, I just love her!

8.) Gallows
Just insane live, wish I couldve seen them again before Frank Carter left :'(

9.) He is Legend
If this wasnt alphabetical, theyd be right near the top! This band really have shaped my music taste, and I love that their music changes from album to album. No one song will give you a good taster but heres my current favourite (also check out The Seduction!)

10.) Help She Cant Swim
For being silly and dancing around to ^^

11.) Korn
Saw them live this summer and Jonathons voice is just ridiculous! Didnt play my favourite song (evolution) though :(

12.) Lower Than Atlantis
Saw them this summer <3 they have my current favourite sad song aha!

13.) Machine head

14.) Metronomy
because we all need a bit of upbeat electro every now and then ^^

15.) Nero
Throw some dubstep in here! My lovely boyfriend made a gaming montage and dedicated it to myself and some other friends with my favourite nero song in it (the first song ^^)

16.) Norma Jean
God so good. a band that has evolved and gotten better and better with every album!

17.) Placebo
No need to explain. Seeing Brian Molko looking beautiful and sinnging incredibly live made me and my friend Jessie shed a tear <3

18.) Queens of the Stoneage
So underrated! saw them at my first festival and it was pure magic!

19.) Rammstein
Best live band of my life to date ^^

20.) Scarling
I love Jessicka, and I love Scarling as much if not more than Jack off Jill

21.) The Smiths
because I grew up listening to Morisseys beautiful voice on vinyl ^^

22.) The XX
so beautiful. My painting music

23.) The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
ultimate love song, Maps <333

24.) 36 Crazyfists
because theyre me and my best friend Peejs ultimate sing a long band ^^

so there we go. My top24..? Strange number to leave it at! It will bug me the bands Ive missed and well done if you made it this far ^^
goodnight lovelies!


  1. OMG you like Combichrist,it's one of my favorites bands!!! :) Nice taste hun!

  2. a lot of lovely music, and thank you very much! I have never been mentioned in another lolita blog before and I'm really happy you made this post. As a music student I think it really explains you as a person, I like it :D May be I will make a list like this too in a couple of days :D

  3. I'm just trying to imagine you standing next to Dani Filth now...wondering how much taller than him you'd be =P