Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style.

Hey sweeties! So Im back!
My lovely/ sweet/ amazing boyfriend lent me a laptop while mine is away to be fixed! So Ill continue on with the challenge ^^
All of the people Ive chosen have blogs so that you can see more of them if you want some inspiration too!

1.) Zeruda
Zeruda is number 1 for me because she was one of the first non asian lolitas I saw online. Ive been following her for a long time on lookbook and her looks always inspire me to work on my coordinations.

2.) Emilia
I always love her pictures, her hair is so ridiculously perfect! I also brought two beautiful handmade items from her and I have a lot of admiration for anyone who makes beautiful crafts.

3.) Sui Princess

Although she is more dominantly hime gyaru I love Sui's lolita looks and also the effort she makes with her hair and make up with any look.

4.) Ludivine

I think shes just stunning! And I love the dresses she makes, she has such an incredible style.

5.) Ana
Shes absolutely beautiful and has some incredible coords. I do get annoyed that people make such a big deal of her piercings however. Ive got 16 piercings and 2 tattoos and I dont see why people think its so revolutionary!

6.) Aria
Her creations are just incredible! makes me realise how much I need to work on my own skills -.-

7.) Alanna

Her blog is incredible and I love her weekly updates on brands!

8.) Julie

Shes the cutest ever! I love seeing her meet up reports, even when theyre not lolita related.

9.) Mio

I love her style, fairy kei appeals to me so much and I love the way she puts her outfits together.

10.) Ellinor

Her handmade pieces are so beautiful, and she looks so demure.

Sorry if my formatting on this post is a little odd, Im not sure why its being so weird!

Bye bye !


  1. this is awesome!thank you so much for this wonderful collection of blogs! so much inspiration and prettyness. - that goes for your blog as well btw. <3

  2. These are such beautiful people

  3. Yay new blogs to stalk haha.

    As for the's adding pictures that does it. I had to switch to writing straight out HTML because the formatting issues were driving me crazy!

  4. Ugh it's so annoying ! I use photobucket and usually just copy and paste the image into the post, and it works fine. Can't wait to have my laptop back hehe :)

  5. Aw, I'm so flattered! ♥ And I'm so glad that you added the links to all these persons blogs! Now I got a lot of new blogs to check out! :D Thanks! ♥