Friday, 29 July 2011

Recent stuff!

First of all I want to say thankyou to all of you, 50 followers! I never ever thought people would want to read my blog!
Also I will get back to the lolita challenge, I just havent been up to much recently and unless pyjamas count as an outfit Id rather wait till I can take nice outfit pictures for the next post ^^

So as I just said, I havent been up to a huge amount! But as usual Ive taken pictures of everything I have done, including a couple from a super nice walk I went on with my boyfriend. Unfortunately Ive lost some of the pictures, but heres what I do have!
I love the area where he lives, so pretty!
colouring is so odd!
After our walk we had some amazing sweeties, I took pics as usual >.>
<3 the strawberry! I took a pic with it but I look odd Q.Q
atleast my skin looks nice!
and then my boyfriend treated me to dinner out at a chinese restaurant!
I had green & jasmine tea after, such a cute tea pot and little cup!
Thats all really for now! Im working tonight and tomorrow night and some extra evenings next week so Ill be tired 0.0 but a loli meet before too long so Im excited~
Also an apocalypse themed group shoot on the 10th! Yayayay
bye sweeties!


  1. Congratulations! ^_^ I thought the sweets were plastic or fake at first lol.

  2. i love your style.

  3. OMG all of this look so yummy!!!That banana,and chinese food!! *dies*

    And of course you! <3