Friday, 24 June 2011

40 followers! & Day 3 – 10 Things You Hate in Lolita.

Thank you all so much for following me - I never really thought anyone would read my blog! I love reading your comments and hope you all enjoy my blog.
On to the challenge!
Day 3 - 10 Things I Hate in Lolita.

1.) This is pretty standard but.. the amount of bitchiness in the community. Every community has its problems, but there really are some serious attitudes flying around.

2.) Hypocrisy. Each to their own, but Im happy wearing my replicas, because I cant afford brand. I hate it when people stand in their montreal rocking horse shoes or secret shop tea parties bitching about replicas. Is it different when its shoes?! maybe im missing something :/

3.) How weather can make me a bit lazy to wear lolita. Im afraid I cant wear a lolita outfit without some form of socks (even just ankle socks), or a blouse, or a petticoat, so I tend to wear it less in the summer.

4.) Certain prints. I adore Angelic Pretty, but some things are a shade too far for me.. like lambs. Or excessive bunnies. Ugh I cant stand them! Though I guess thats odd because I love deer prints.

5.) Shipping services (or requirement of them!) I have such a love/hate relationship with availability of lolita. I think itd lose a bit of its charm if everyone was wearing it, but shipping prices make my eyes water!

6.) People who consider not wearing blouses/ miniskirts/ no petticoat (or silhouette of any type) lolita. I think lolita should be able to be taken in our own creative directions, but there are certain things I find essential to the anatomy of a lolita outfit.

7.) The "lolita" that is sold in Camden market. The majority of items sold in those shops are so very tacky -.- I always get excited at the thought of being able to try things on, and then Im always sorely disappointed!

8.) People who try and rip the hell out of you for second hand items. Unless an item is ridiculously rare, I dont see how its fair to charge such an amount for a worn item.

9.) Shopping compulsions. I have no money but I still end up buying things somewhat continually D:

10.) Days where I feel down about myself with worry about how people will react. Most of the time I can put my headphones on, put on a face that suggests I dont care and get on with it. But ocassionally, I get so paranoid.

This post felt like a giant rant! Ill be back to normal happy levels tomorrow ^^
and now off to work. :(


  1. I agree on all your points... And I'm so happy I've never experienced rude Lolitas. May be because I have heard so much about the in the communities that I am avoiding them:)
    And about the replicas.... I have only remade and bodyline Lolita clothing in my closet, and of course I fall in love with some brand pieces... but I'm only 17 with no job so of course I go for the replicas... I don't see the problem... Of course it's funny to one day own a REAL brand piece, but people shouldn't have a problem with other people buying replicas -.- :P

    Sorry... just wanted you to know that I totally agree with you :) Congrats with 40 followers by the way! I love your blog :D

  2. thankyou sweetie! im 20, have a job but because of university and my parents not helping me i have no money for brand!
    glad to hear you enjoy my blog ^^

  3. 'I hate it when people stand in their montreal rocking horse shoes or secret shop tea parties bitching about replicas.'

    I agree with this so much! Even though I know I'm guilty of being a hypocrite too, but at least I acknowlege the fact haha.