Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 2 – 10 Things You Love in Lolita.

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all having a nice day so far, Ive just been to get my hair done :D I love dying my hair but i hate when it starts to grow out!
So here we go, day 2!

1.) Shoes. Oh my god, its always shoes that get me when Im trying to save money!! This is also a pain because being fairly tall (5'8) I have large feet to go with it >:/ ...but a preorder for large sized tea parties has started so finally Ill be able to get a pair or two of those! Im also dying for a pair of boots for next winter.

2.) The silhouette! Yes Im one of those if it hasnt got a petticoat it isnt lolita people. The silhouettes a big thing to me, especially as you can find petticoats for cheap (must post petticoat review soon!!)

3.) Community. I love how exciting it is when you find another lolita or a community specific to your area. Sometimes it takes a while to find loli friends but I love the buzz when you do find someone with shared interests ^^

4.) The variety of inspiration sources. Theres so many places online to view pictures and blogs to give inspiration and I really love that if I ever had a slump Id be able to pick up again by trying something new.

5.) The way it makes me feel. oh so, so cliche I know... but i really do feel like a princess when i wear lolita!

6.) Challenges, especially in terms of coords, I really like that I have to work to accessorise and change one item to make it look several different ways, so much more gratifying then this t shirt and those jeans (though Ive never been a jeans girl. Ive only got one pair and Ive worn them twice all year.)

7.) Season specific prints! I actually got more excited for easter this year because I had a cute outfit planned out for it! I cant afford Halloween and Christmas specific prints, but I love that lolita can have seasonal specific touches added to an outfit.

8.) The amount of books, films and so on that feel more appropriate when in lolita. It feels somehow more correct to be reading classic books when dressed in lolita!

9.) The continual releases from brands. I follow several blogs which give weekly updates on brand releases (keeping me intouch with the lolita world ^^) and I love the unpredictability of releases! Of course some releases may be expected, but Im often caught off guard by what brands think of next ^^

10.) The room for creative flair. Within lolita Ive felt able to continue my art, and Ive begun trying more embroidery, continued baking and started to attempt to learn to sew. I love that you can really make lolita something personal.

Thankyou for reading princesses!


  1. I agree so much with all of these points!

    Although I find seasonal prints a little frustrating. I had 2 Christmas ones and one Hallowe'en one, and I feel like I can't wear them until those times of the year come around! Especially for the Christmas ones. And at Christmas I'll be at home and unable to wear them. I really don't think things through!

    And yeah I'm in Bath next year. Really didn't get to see much of you recently but next year we must be frilly together!

  2. Awh! yeah i go for it more through colours and accessories ^^ definitely for next year! another bath loli contacted me too so a few frillies :D