Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 5 – 10 Items From Your Wishlist.

Hello sweeties!
I didnt do the challenge yesterday because it was such a lovely day here that I went to my boyfriends and we had a chill day ^^ so heres day 5! Ive probably missed lots of items Id love to have but here are the ones I thought of as i was writing :)
In no particular order!

1.) Lotta by Innocent World
Although Angelic Pretty is my favourite brand, Im really not all that fond of their deer design in prints, I like it in jewellery but I just dont like it on their clothing pieces, this is the perfect use of animals in a print for me!

2.) Milky Planet JSK by Angelic Pretty
One of the first prints I truly fell in love with, it still brings a tear to my eye that it isnt mine whenever I see people in it! I love all of the colour ways, but if I were to actually buy it this would be the colour Id choose.

3.) Dreamy Dollhouse Salopette by Angelic Pretty
I guess its not strictly lolita.. but god I just adore salopettes. I wish I could own one!

4.) Holy Night Story switching JSK by Angelic Pretty
I can just imagine running about on christmas day in this. I think its so beautiful!

5.) Ribbon Princess Drop by Baby the Stars Shine Bright
I absolutely adore this. I think its so beautiful, Its something I would keep forever even if I grewAlign Left out of lolita.

6.) Jewellery Jelly by Angelic Pretty
The main reason I love this is for the whole look, I love the socks and especially the jewellery! Ive seen so many beautiful coords using this print.

7.) Merry Making Party by Angelic Pretty
I adore this print and I think the colours in the print are really beautiful. I dont know whether Id get the JSK or the OP I usually go for JSK's but I think I prefer the OP in this case. Im not sure whether Id want it in the blue or cream either..

8.) Twinkle Dreaming Princess by Angelic Pretty
Such a pretty print, I think its beautifully delicate ! Id definitely get the JSK II version. The hat really sells it too me too ^^

9.) Divine Cross by Moi Meme Moitie
Im starting to take more of an interest in gothic lolita fashion, and this would be top of my list if I had disposable income! So lovely.
10.) Aqua Princess by Angelic Pretty
I also love the pinkxpink colour way, I love the style of this dress and the little details, so lovely!
I hope you enjoyed my wishlist!


  1. That innocent world dress was absolutely lovely! :D Merry Making Party by Angelic Pretty is since I become a Lolita been my dream dress... The OP in Navy blue is SO gorgeous, the problem is that I never find someplace to buy it :'(

  2. i know, so gorgeous D: i guess itll be remaining on my wishlist for a while yet!

  3. I love Merry Making Party too! It didn't quite make it to my list though as I haven't been lusting after it for very long xP

    I feel totally the same with Milky Planet too. Why must it be so elusive and expensive? *le shaking fist*