Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Im Back!

Hello lovely ladies!
I will tell you all about my amazing time at Download Festival shortly (of course with a zillion pictures) But firstly Im going to show you some new pictures from yesterday! My best friend Emma came round and I got her all dressed up. Shes never worn Lolita before but has been interested in it for a while so I thought Id help her give it a go ^^
Im also wearing my new Fantastic Dolly replica and new petticoat in the pictures! Ill be blogging more frequently now so there will be a review on each posted soon!
We did some super cliche pictures just for a laugh so heres my umbrella-blown-away shot :p
and our spinning ones!
Then it started to rain so the rest are inside ):
Check out my tea cup <3
we also made a puri using my phone!
Here is my accessory shot
I just love this carousel! I brought it from the lovely Emilia at http://carousel-dreams.blogspot.com/
Here is a cute picture I took of it today, as well as the marshmallow bracelet I brought from her
I had an amazing time at the festival! I saw so many amazing bands, though System of a Down, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Linkin Park and Rob Zombie were my absolute favourites. We stayed from the wednesday till the monday so we were knackered by the time we got back! Here are some pictures ^^
Judging by the fact my hair is still in fairly good condition I think this was day 2! I love this hat and am planning a photoshoot with it soon!
Me and Lucy getting our hula hoop on
We spent a lot of time at this shisha tent drinking tea and eating toasties!
Zombie day! Sadly I didnt get many group shots:/
and the aftermath:
Sorry for such a long post! Thankyou for reading to the end if you did! Hope youre all well and thankyou for all of your recent comments!


  1. Gah so jelly, I freaking love Disturbed and A7X D= (and Korn, but I already saw them lol).

    Hope you had an awesome time!

  2. arent korn amazing live! i want to see them again aha ^^ i just have post festival blues now ]:

  3. Lovely de umbrella pic So lovely! And de carousel *O* love!!