Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ill be away for a few days

Im going to download music festival tomorrow! Im so excited, and Im going with some of my best friends.
So I thought Id do a post to say see you soon!
I also wanted to show you the amazing fairy kei watch I found today! It was only £5, I brought it mainly for keeping timings for the festival but Ill wear it after deifnitely! I only had time for a quick webcam shot today sadly!
Im not looking my best today >.< I made the bracelets too
I also wanted to say thank you to any of you who voted for me in My Asian Fashion's facebook competition, I dont think Ill win because I dont know enough people online to ask!!
Have a lovely week princesses


  1. Cute watch and bracelets! And still so jelly about Download...I'm moving out of Bath this week and no one is there to say goodbye to =[ haha.

  2. Lovely bracelets and I want your watch! :O :D I hope you have a fun time away:D