Saturday, 25 June 2011

Milky Planet Replica Review!

My lovely boyfriend brought me the Dream of Lolita Milky Planet replica for our 6 month anniversary with a matching bag and headbow ^^ This is my first review so I hope you enjoy it! Its very picture heavy -.-'
Here is the jsk, with no waist ties or detachable bow.
The detail on the bodice, the lace is nice and ironable!
The lace on the straps
Back shirring and the little star button by my thumb is for the detachable waist ties.
The prints missing a little of the house roof but any print flaws arent hugely obvious
The detachable bow and headbow:
The stitching on these for the centre part of the bows isnt attractive, but you cant see it and I have no worries in terms of it loosening.
The headbow worn
The bag
...aaaaaand some detail shots and outfit shots!
without a petticoat and just the light inbuilt petti
and thats it! I hope you enjoyed my review, feel free to ask any questions!


  1. Wonderful!!! I love it, how lucky you are! :D

  2. I was thinking about the OP version of this dress! :D It's so beautiful and it fits great on you :D:D

  3. awww i want that jsk replica in lilac <3

  4. you guys should get it! i may get a lilac skirt ^^

  5. Where did you get the replica from?

  6. dream of lolita, says it in the first line.

  7. I found it after I posted XD, for some reason I had typed that in google before but found nothing, but when I copy and pasted from you, I did. Go figure. thanks!

  8. Guess who just bought the other JSK version in yellow? Now we HAVE to twin, mwahahaha (oh darn I just realised how long this thing will be on me bahaha).