Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 6 – 10 Things You Can’t Live Without in Lolita.

Here we go!

1.) Petticoat. Its just not lolita without a petticoat for me Im afraid! I always wear petticoats, even with more casual outfits. (must...review...new...petticoat)

2.) The internet for inspiration. Seeing beautiful coords online makes me want to push my own looks that bit further.

3.) My vast collection of socks and tights! I like to add interest to outfits using patterened tights under over the knees, or ankle socks. I dont tend to wear under the knees.. they make my legs look strange!

4.) Make up know how. I really think that it completes an outfit when a lolita has beautiful skin and eye makeup. Unfortunately my skin can be temperamental so I have very good concealer/ foundation/ powder on hand just in case. Even a natural look takes a little emphasising in my opinion, but I generally prefer something a little more.

5.) A hairdresser for a sister! I love getting my hair redyed and changing my style. My sister always helps me to reinvent my hairstyle! Ive also learnt how to style my extensions nicely over time too.

6.) Blouses and cardigans. I already had such a huge number of cardigans that creating casual coords is very easy.

7.) A ridiculous amount of jewellery to go with every outfit!

8.) Shoes. Sometimes in more casual outfits I add things like Doc Martens or my New Rocks but on the whole I think lolita outfits just dont look the same without actual lolita shoes, I dont think ordinary ballet pumps cut it.

9.) Layering. I think it adds so much interest to an outfit!

10.) Support from my friends and family. I think this is something that helps me the most.


  1. We totally need a girly sleep-overy type thing at some point...I have no make-up skills. I don't even know what foundation is Dx save meeeee haha.

  2. Words of wisdom!!
    all is very true my dear <3
    Loving your blog btw *follows*