Wednesday, 1 June 2011

London Trip!

Sorry Ive been so quiet lovelies, I started a new job last weekend and finally finished my exams! Ive been so busy, and I had the dentist yesterday :'(
But heres my late post about the trip to London I had with my boyfriend! It was super fun and I grew up there so I find it super easy to navigate ^^
First we went to the Natural History Museum! So fun, but it was already so hot!
We got there as it opened and went straight upstairs so we could see some things without crowds :)
Of course we took lots of pictures! Thats Darwin behind me ^^
The dinosaurs were awesome, but we though this one was like y u no guy
We took lots of jokey photos, heres my boyfriend fighting a dinosaur :D
After the museum we went to the cutest shop in China Town to take some puris and I had some bubble tea ^^
I wanted to buy everything!
I need to scan these properly...
A final outfit shot. We went to Camden too but I didnt take any pictures there!
I hope you like my pictures!
Bye princesses


  1. OH MY GOD THE Y U NO DINOSAUR that's like the most awesomest thing EVER O_O

  2. I want to visit London one day! Never been in England :O

  3. Ah O__O the museum seems to be huge!! Wow!

    && I like your purikura ♥ very cute