Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Princess App ♡

I downloaded this app for my iphone and I love it! I have to go to Chinatown in London if i want to make real puris and obviously thats not practical :p
Here are some of mine!
Me and my boyfriend:
And this one is the original lightened:
And after puri
I love this app!


  1. serious! I've been looking for an app like this for my HTC android but I didn't find one :'(

  2. Cool, I might have to get this!

    Is London Chinatown good? I'm trying to decide where to go when in London and don't have a clue as I've never been to London before really xP

  3. You and your boyfriend make such a cute couple! <3

  4. Thankyou! Hes such a sweetie, weve been best friends for 7 years ^^

    Abbey chinatowns not amazing, i went for bubble tea and that particular shop which has looooaaaads of cute stuff in and a puri machine, so if you have a tube pass anyway and a spare hour go for it ^^